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Simone Educational Center is a private foreign languages center in Craiova, Romania, where you get to broaden your knowledge at a peak level.

Not only are we specialized in the imparting of English, but here you can also learn Japanese, German, Italian and French.

Due to the requests on the market, we have developed courses for IT and the history of Romania, subject that you have to deal with when taking your Baccalaureate or enrolling in The Romanian Police academy.



your future

Firstly, courses of English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, history and IT at the highest.

Secondly, the chance to take a mock exam after you have completed your training to get used to the exams’ format.

Finally, the option to take your exam, either in our center or in the city you may be required to go, and prevail!

Language courses

We organize courses for those interested in learning English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and History, but also for those who want to know how to use the computer at the highest level.

Mock exams

After you have completed your training you can take a mock exam, which is a simulation of your official exam-to-come, that familiarizes you to the exam format, timing and rules.

Exams and Certifications

We organize English language exams to help you obtain certifications recognized nationally and internationally.


Language courses
and History


English Courses

How about learning one of the most worldwide-recognized languages on Earth? Take your chance with English!


Japanese Courses

Are you a fan of anime, manga or interested in the Japanese culture? Now, your dream of learning Japanese can come true!


German Courses

Do you want to be a polyglot? Choose German as a second language.


French Courses

Travelling to France and not only gets easier with French. Get your ticket to knowledge.


Italian Courses

Do Romance languages enthrill you? Why not take up Italian and enhance your communication skills?

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History Courses

Do you want to be a connoisseur of history? Let us introduce you into the evolution of humanity.

Mock exams

What is a
mock exam?

After you have completed your training you can take a mock exam, which is a simulation of your official exam-to-come, that acclimatises you to the exam’s format, timing and rules. Everybody receives the score according to the official scale.


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